Could it be this kid in Charleston, SC?
He still has 3 years of high school left.

--Fort Dorchester's Dakereon Joyner--

Fort Dorchester turns out fine players and currently has 3 in the NFL.
"I believe that Dakereon will be the best we've ever had here," Coach LaPrad said. "Here's an eighth-grader playing Class AAAA football and in most games, he was the best player on the field," LaPrad said.

Joyner is already sub 4.5
He is already getting offers from across the country.

"I don't think about it," Joyner said. "If you start to believe what everyone is telling you, then you're in trouble. Each day I just want to work hard, grind it out and get better."


While it is waaaay too early to go there, ESPN experts are saying that Clemson QB Watson is a Heisman candidate. That is just speculation as he has next to no history. I believe that will be the case for the 2016 season, but there I go speculating. I bring Watson up on this post due to some comments by Joyner:

He is coming to Clemson this week end for Jr Day.
Joyner said Thursday night that he hopes that he can meet his idol – Deshuan Watson – during this weekend’s visit and sit down with him to discuss life outside of football.

"I'm really hoping to see Deshaun Watson and I hope I get the chance to talk to him, because that's my role model. During the junior day part, I want me and my mom to get to see the education part of Clemson and what Clemson is really all about as a football program."

“It would just be a regular conversation. You know - what is he studying, what does he do to stay on top of his grades and how does he stay so humble with all of the attention he's getting from all over the world.”

All I got to say is that most times when "MOM" gets on the Clemson campus, that is where she will want her boy to go.