Clemson has a grave yard out side the stadium.
Winning at home is expected, but when you go off campus and crush a top team - that is special.
When a top ranked team is beaten on the road, their bones are brought home and buried here with a marker for history.
It is a fun place to visit.

Here is the unveiling of the big Bowl win over Oklahoma.:excitement:
Vegas said we did not have the offense to upset them, but the photos don't lie.
We certainly had the defense, but Cole played "lights out".

Here is QB Cole Stout who played the game of his career and crushed Oklahoma. It was like for 5 years Cole had been waiting on that opportunity. Pure history!!

Here is Coach Dabo and his kids. Before their history ends, suspect they may own more stones here than most.

I am getting up a campaign to raise his pay check to WTF it takes to keep those cute kids (and him) near Death Valley..
I want to see them grow up and go to college here.

I like knowing Dabo is sitting up the lake like me and planning our next game.
Maybe I will motor boat over there and introduce myself. He might find my experience valuable.