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03-16-2021, 06:13 PM

A high school classmate who like most on FB 99% just reposts memes put that up.

I had a neighbor who had a dog chained behind his garage on my border. He took poor care of it, K was feeding it and taking it water.
I wanted to punch him and rescue the dog, but instead called the police.
The cop came out that morning. He told me he would take the dog, and come back that afternoon when the guy got home and take him away. Having your neighbors arrested is not what you want, but WTF?

03-16-2021, 06:22 PM
That was in Matthews which was in Mecklenburg County.
I knew all the local cops. They knew I lived in their small town. They tended to be guys who could not get on at CMPD for what ever reason. All I knew were good guys, good cops. I had County jurisdiction then so make no mistake, had looked into it, and I was locking the guy up. It was great when they came out and were eager to do it for me.

03-16-2021, 06:41 PM
A guy moved in next door in Matthews. This was a common type neighborhood with similiar homes on small lots. It was a very nice place to live. I was happy there for 30 years. Waldo and Marty were often at my home and can add if I am wrong.

Some rich folks from Lake Norman bought the house next door to me for rental income. Before, my friend Mr Abrams had lived there until old age took him.

Apparently the new rental guy considered himself a real man and a sportsman.
He built a couple small cages about 3'X4' and put Beagles into them. He had them up high so the crap could fall through the wire.

I tried not to think as to it.
One night around midnight my Bride and I came home after maybe one too many.
Inside I noticed she was not inside.

She had gone next door and freed the dogs. She was at the neighbor's beating on the door. She was giving the guy pure hell when I got there. Sometimes wine is OK, even Jesus was a fan.

I had no choice but to threaten to kick his ass. You don't like to do that on a guy's front porch, but it is much better than later facing your Bride if you don't.

They moved one week later.

Mike Kelly
03-16-2021, 07:45 PM
My neighbor has two dogs. One lives inside the house and one lives in a small chain link pen on a concrete pad in the back yard. Probably an 8' X 8" pen. The dog has no life, no one to play with and they say he was born deaf. My neighbor works for Norfolk Southern Railroad building & repairing tracks. He is gone from Sunday afternoon until Thursday night. The pen is full of shit when he gets home. My neighbor is a big guy. The dog is a good dog. My daughter's dog, who lives with me and my bride for the past 3 years, Gus, (Yorkie) sleeps in the bed with my bride & me every night. He is like a child and gets good treatment. I think he is spoiled. Gus and my neighbor's dog in the back yard live two different lives. Gus lives a great life, neighbor's dog in the backyard lives a shitty life.

Marty Gass
03-17-2021, 08:46 AM
I can just see K doing that.

I had dogs for many years after I bought a house. I had one dog as a kid and when she passed that was it. I always thought my kids would love having dogs but they seemed to have little interest except for my youngest son and middle daughter. These days my oldest has a dog and several cats in Charleston. My two youngest daughters have had dogs forever. I may never have another dog. Maybe if I retire some day I may get one when I am home all the time to keep it company. Also we travel many times per year and it is easy to have the cats taken care of but a dog is different. I could maybe leave it with one of my kids but who knows.

Tony Presley
03-17-2021, 01:34 PM
It is a miserable excuse of a human being that would chain a dog to a dog house or tree and maybe feed it once a day and that is it for the entire dog's life! They don't even pet the dog or talk to it! Why do they have a dog? This is worse than a prison by far! According to Donna, a person that does that should be horse whipped!

People should not get a pet if they do not plan to take care of it!