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01-18-2021, 06:10 PM
Not many have an aquarium these days, but "back when" it was the most popular hobby. Tropical fish stores were on every corner, weekly newspaper adds came out.

Most who bought one were just being trendy, so ended up with a mess.
I have had one all my life except for the Army years.
Pop had one to retain minnows. It has taken me decades to understand how to keep fish happy.
For Pop it was just another thing he understood. I am now an expert as to nitrates and Ph, Pop just ~~

Back in the day my family fished with minnows and worms. We fished a lot so needed minnows. Too bad families don't do things like that now. Mom would pack a lunch, Pop would load the poles, and we would head to Wateree. Pop knew that river inside out. Often kin folks would join in. It was family fun. Mom would not bait a hook, but was the anchor who organized it all.
I remember when we got the poles that had brass joints that could be taken apart and not stick out so far from the Chevy window.
You can call that redneck, I call it Southern fun.

Yes I was truly blessed when a kid.
I still kinda fish, like in the day understand it is not about the catching.

My aquarium runs perfect. I designed in a narrow room behind the tank in my new home 20 years back to hold the filters and keep them out of sight. I have the best gear I can discover. I spare no expense. I have educated myself. My fish are very important to me, and entertain me to no end.

Some think I just have cats, but I also have turtles.

Tony Presley
01-18-2021, 06:44 PM
Wow, I too have always had aquariums. I finally have given up the hobby this past summer when we were selling our Toccoa home and moving into our Clayton home. I gave away a 60 gallon and an 80 gallon aquarium with cabinets to a neighbor.

01-18-2021, 07:36 PM
My filters are the best I can find that suit my aquarium. The deal is not just the filters, but what changes as water flows though them.

Above is a passive filter to contain bacteria designed to be enough for a 4000 gallon pond. That is hype but does Ok with a 150 gal Aquarium. Before water gets to this guy it is filtered, with two large filters (best I can find). The flow rate at the source is 1500 gallons an hour, but much less before it it hits the tank. The deal is not flow rate, but what happens to the water in the filters. The real deal is the media inside the filters. , not the hardware. My critters have better water than I drink. Things like Ph and wtf are monitored. I believe if one keeps a critter in a cage (like my Bride does with me), they take on an obligation to do it well.