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11-27-2019, 04:35 PM
Nothing much here in years as to aquariums.
I have one. 40 years ago I had around 20. I have kept fish in a bowl since 1970.
I've read all the books, made all the mistakes. What I know for a fact is the internet is 99% fake experts:eek-new:.

Aquariums come to mind today as my filter died, and the replacement arrived today. I like new things, but hate to replace things as all you get is what you already had.
I can hardly complain as to the filter breaking down. It has run 24/7 for many years, maybe 10 or more. This is old photo of the fx5.
The new model is the fx6 which is the same with some upgrades. It is large with an output of 925 gallons.

Actually did not really need this. I had also hooked in the little brother a couple years back (FX4 which does 700 gallons and has 2/3 the filter volume.) I fill them with different media. I use Chemi Pure in one and Purigen in the other.

Also on the tank is a is a G6 which is nice, but I can't recommend it due to the cost. It claims to be good for a 160 gallon tank, I would say great for a 25 gallon tank. I only keep it there for the cartridge which polishes the water and is very quick and easy to change.

The big boy arrived today. It would seem that the two would be over kill and it is. 1625 gallon output on a 150 gallon tank is too much. Actually that is not how much you get due to head, etc. Plus, mine is hooked to a pond filter for which power flow is needed. The pond filter is just a bacteria farm said to be good for a 4000 gal pond (no way). Only filtered water is pumped through it. Basically it never needs cleaning. That slows down the flow a lot, but still more than adequate enters the tank..