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09-01-2016, 05:23 PM
Oh Crap !!!

My life has been off kilter for a few days and may not recover.
Things out of my control are afoot.
I should be scared shitless, but am strangely calm.

So, I bought some fish critters.:congratulatory:
Buying fish through the mail seems WTF? but it is the only way where I am.

My 150 tank has been healthy for 15 years now (and even before it and I arrived here). I have been a student for all my life as to keeping fish in a bowl.
In addition to learning (which most ignore), equipment has improved.

The basic rules never will or can change. Either you support a system that is in the 'nitrogen cycle' or you do not. Most do not and never will:Oh Hell.

All want clear water, and that is mechanical and chemical.
I actually have had the top of the line FLUVAL offering for months and have never hooked in as no need.

Water chemistry is very important, but most don't go thereMoon1.

Two things I have come upon that are 'better', and make fish keeping easier are the Pinpoint PH Meter and Seachem Purigen.
I would say if you are not willing in these times to go there, then don't bother with an aquarium? It can be done, and I did it for decades, but WHY??

So, I have 9 new fish coming in via FedEx:eagerness:. I like to buy in 3's as I like pairs and one might croak. I don't mean male/female as I no longer have the energy to deal with breeding (at one time had a dozen breeding tanks).

All advice or questions would be interesting.

09-02-2016, 06:54 PM
I have a big galvanized tub of the kind one might use to feed farm animals that sits under the eve of my house to catch rain water.
It is in a protected corner of the house and is shaded by a large fig tree, all the bird like to drink out of it.
I put my leftover minnows from fishing trips in it..fishin' They seem to fair pretty well living off mosquito larva between trips.

Does this count? :Pondering

09-02-2016, 08:02 PM
Does this count? :Pondering

It does.

I know you get a thrill making me look like a nerd:hopelessness:. I truly am one. I don't live in Mom's basement, but after years of WTF, was able to settle back in the woods. I worked hard for that. I am not good with people.

What you may not not have picked up on is I am the 'flawed child'. I rank way up on Asperger, but not dysfunctional:cocksure:. I think that is why I was a great Cop and why I am me. I was blessed.

Back in the day we had a big fish bowl (5 gallons). I kept Gold Fish there. Our family fished and all the left over bait was dumped in with my pets:frown-new:.
That is not ideal as I tend to form a bond to any critter.
Now my 150 gallon tank is on the level of a goverment funded aquarium. I feel a need to do the best I can for any critter who relies on me. I have been keeping minnows with no break since I got out of the Army. I know crap you can not learn reading the web.

Fish keeping is very silly and thus the appeal to me.

All I know is nine 2" fish wil arrive this week, and I am excited:Super. I have not had a new fish for years.
My old fish never die off and some new kids will be fun.

I designed a place for my fish when I built my house. I made the design for my hoome because I can. The changes I would make if doing it now would choke the pope.

The fish tank is beside my seat at the TV where I see all changes. The lighting is computer controlled. You might not see it as attractive, but I do. It is pristine clean. My critters are OK.
All the filters are behind the wall in a closet I had built because -- I like my fish but Bride don't like noise and crap. Actually, I like the mechanics, but the Bride dont so ~~~ we compromised.

I would say my fish, my cats, my birds, all my critters are happy I was blessed with a touch of Asperger.


As a kid, there was a tub under the facet at the rear of the house the dog drank from.
Pop told me you kept catching the frog at road ditch and bringing him there. The frog would jump back and you would haul him back. Pop liked that as did I.

As a kid, you went out, caught turtles and made a 'Turtle Farm' for them.
Unlike me, you grew up in the woods.
I have no tales of you shooting critters.
Maybe the apples did not fall far from our tree.
I am proud to know you.

09-02-2016, 09:15 PM
I know you get a thrill making me look like a nerd:hopelessness:.

:NOPENaw, picking on their older brothers is just part of a little brothers job.:Playing Around

Dad used to laugh and tell people that I had caught and brought home the same frogs over and over so many times that during the dry season they knew how to come back to that tub on their own.

At this house Dad had an old iron / ceramic bathtub he kept his minnows in during crappie season. It was deep enough for them to live in safe from roaming critters and the rounded shape prevented them from killing themselves by banging against the sides.
He had a neat trick he used to quickly catch the minnows out of all this water for transfer to the minnow bucket.:sneakiness:
In the bottom of the tub he had an old coffee can with just 1/2 of half of the plastic lid top on it. He would just splash the surface and lightly tap on the side, and all the minnows would dash into their metal " cave " to hide. He could then just pick them up and pour them into the bucket.:applause:

09-02-2016, 09:40 PM
:NOPENaw, picking on their older brothers is just part of a little brothers job.:Playing Around

The same is true as to keeping a younger in line . My job even at 8 was to ~~~~:hopelessness:

Back on Steinkuhler, every day Pop poured the coffee grounds in the same spot.
Turn over a spade and there was enough bait for fishing.

Pop grew up not like us. His childhood was harsh. You and I seldom saw that side of him as he protected us from that.
He was a very strong man.

We were allowed to be who we are due to Pop.
Kids all around us had a rougher trip as their Pop was not as mentally secure.

--- We had MOM who was in control of all.

You and I were blessed. All my crap and all your crap is our own crap.
None of it is 'trickle down'.

09-17-2016, 12:37 PM
Chuck was kind enough to ask about my new fish.
The little guys arrived all the way from Washington State where Jesse lives.

They looked not too good after the trip. One layed on the bottom, but I was not too worried as these fish are very tempermental and easy to stress.

Now all 9 are going strong and eating everything.
I expected to loose a couple, now not so much.:tickled_pink:

Chuck asked if I had had ever kept Discus (the guy knows a lot about all things:applause:). "Yes I have", and that is what I am up to again.
These are not for the casual tank owner.

Threw in some food and snapped a few photos. I need to take time and get some excellent photos as these guys are over the top beautifull.




03-12-2017, 11:52 AM
My fish are growing: