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04-30-2016, 04:37 PM
On the porch and a gulley-whumper just hit.:welcoming:
In the last few minutes a 1/4" has fallen and it is still going strong.
I can see on my weather site it is just a small storm passing over. These things make a lot of noise, have lots of wind, and then are gone.
This will certainly clear the pollen out of the air.


04-30-2016, 04:46 PM
I know one of the big attractions for Southern California is the weather. For Ed, everyday is paradise.
I don't think that would make me happy. I like cold days and hot days and even the rare snow days.
I like defined seasons.

I don't think I would care for a place that seldom got rain. Rain washes and makes everything sparkle. Here we average 4-5 inches every month. I like that. I need that.


04-30-2016, 05:07 PM
AO wrote "I like cold days and hot days and even the rare snow days. I like defined seasons."

Me too, Bill. Where I live (~3/4 mi from the ocean in HB) is much cooler than the rest of SoCal and in the "winter" I love biking to a small sea food place in Newport Beach that has the best "red" style clam chowder certainly in the West and perhaps anywhere (The Crab Cooker). Even better if it is drizzling and/or foggy. But yes, I get real sick and tired of the summer's here of one sunny day after another!

We do have seasons as well, just only two: winter (roughly November thru April) and summer (May thru October). Distinct change in the air during these two six month periods and I can bank on lighting the furnace pilot light on November 1st and extinguishing it on May 1st. My 1st winter in our current home ('94) close to the damp ocean air I 'bout froze my CA ass off and was very thankful for the fireplace where I burnt all the wood I could find or stack (this was long after my Ohio bred tolerance for cold weather had worn off....my 1st winter in inland SoCal in '74 I never even wore a jacket; it was like "this ain't cold nor "winter", what are all you pussies doing wearing coats for??") :highly_amused:

Add: re the above song I can say that the "vibe" out here is clearly that few actually have any roots here.....I got here after the "golden days" of SoCal but have survived due to my aerospace degree..."man it poors".

04-30-2016, 05:49 PM
Add: SoCal song from this thread.

Damn you Bill...I hate dwelling on the past. But re the "man it poors" stuff, fate and chance also plays a part. Poor boy me from Ohio was striking out pretty good re marriage prospects and after being here by myself the 1st couple of years I was perhaps ready to go back home...BUT by pure chance I somehow got an invite to go to some new age Dianetics (off shoot of Scientology BS) "conference" in Studio City (home of all the Hollywood types, etc.) and just happened to sit next to a very cute Jewish gal who was there with her high end Jewish parents who had a real nice home with a nice pool, etc. right in the heart of Hollywood "weirdville". Met them that same night (funny aside: one of us got up to go to the john before this and when returned to our seat the other said "I did not think you would return and were using that as an excuse to leave!" Neither of us remembers who this was (one who went to john), but a few days later we were f-ing like minks and married a year or two after that...all due to me traveling ~50 miles to a "new age" conference that I REALLY had no interest in...but she (now my "wife unit") DID. Here is a pic of me in their Studio City pool with my 1st two kids (~'83) and another of me from this same time frame (will try and find a pic of her from this time as well). Point being, this chance meeting gave me a "foothold" out here when I was about to throw in the towel and either be one of those engineer bachelors or move back to Ohio. Whatever!:


Better pic of young kids:


04-30-2016, 06:28 PM
Here 'tis.....wife and I circa early 90's (related to SoCal song related to gully-whumpies...somehow :glee:):


04-30-2016, 07:29 PM
related to gully-whumpies...somehow :glee:):

Those "whumpers" are romantic.
Apparently even old Ed has a romantic side - :cheerful: