View Full Version : Frog Crap

02-20-2016, 03:42 PM
I have two small bull frogs sitting in the Branch Pond today. Bull Frogs don't hibernate, just get inactive here on cold days. As some here can testify to, I have raised some monster bull frogs. Eventually they seem to hop on down to the lake, so I add to the tadpole stock every few years.

I did that this past Spring. In the past I have bought from Wards Science Supply which sells school supplies. This past time I got tadpoles from a school supply here in SC. These are certainly bull frogs, but in no way are they the giants I am used to which can easily eat a small bird or maybe a rabbit.
Next month I will put in an order to Ward's again as I like them big so I can see them. They can drown out my porch sub woofer with ease when they choose. These take two years to mature, but arrive about a year old.

I do other frogs too. The assortment is fun. Some look like aliens. I don't put any fish in three small ponds to help keep the millions of eggs safer --> 50 gal, 125 gal, 220 gal. I generally also raise a few of the bigger bull frog tadpoles in my 150 gallon aquarium just for fun. The un-fun part is when they are ready to hop out and I have to catch and move them outside.

All my tree frogs talking at night is almost frightening. My Bride says if the neighbors knew I was responsible, they would file suit over the noise.