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12-10-2014, 11:30 PM
Life with my cats:love_heart::love_heart:

Most here keep their cats inside and so W%F?
I would prefer that for mine but it is not an option.
My cats believe they control and ~

I don't like cats and don't want one.

I like to sit on the porch and watch the many critters I encourage to visit.
On a scale of W%F it is my favorite thing in this World.
Cats kill things. Some do it to survive and all do it as it is in their DNA.
Cats kill not from hate or anger, but because they are cats.
It is a difficult concept for me to understand.

My back woods critter feed budget would induce laughter in most circles.
How folks judge me is not an issue for me as I don't aspire to be popular or even to fit in.

My concept of a great backyard has no place for a cat.

Two kittens showed up (abandoned by assholes) and I did not kill them.

About the worst curse for any bird watcher is a cat.
My first move was to put them in a bag and toss them into the lake.
Just being funny.
My first move was to haul them to my vet (whom I know better than my own doctor)

I have lost some critters but also loose some as they crash into my windows. Should I burn down my home and kill the cats?
Just being funny as we adjust. Living with cats is --- well sometimes pain.

On any day my cats roam for a hundred miles. I hate that as I fear for them.
I know that cats as a prisoner inside live and others die.
Here they come and go as the mood hits them. It is not an option for my cats. These are not 'house cats' but critters.
They are as wild as WTF.

I worry about coyotes and every (every) night I search and bring them inside. Not some nights but every night. I understand that is not enough as now they don' t have Rosey to protect the yard. Rosey was extreme security and protection we will never experience again.

During the day the cats tend to hang out close and often inside or on the porch. They now believe they own this place. Maybe they do.

After dark I may hit the sofa and the TV. Quickly Percy will claim the far cushion and Prancy will claim my lap.
Percy can not be seen as needy and Prancy sees herself as the 'jewel" in the room.

When I move to the bed, Percy will also. Percy is not mine, he sees everything as his. He is a big cat. He jumps into my waterbed and all is safe as we sleep. He is the king.

Prancy is Psychotic killer and not normal.
She is small.
WTF she will do next cannot be predicted.

She attacks Percy and them screams as if being killed as she flees. They tear the house up screaming and never is one damaged.:love-struck:

Sir Percival is a large capable cat with no peers (meaning me and the bride).
Lady Prance-a-lot is Psychotic. Small is not small.

People these days would see this post as kinda 'gay' as the media has programed that into yall.

Cats and colors (purple, lavender) words (gay) are not the domain of deviants unless we agree.
I do not. I am a gay guy with cats and and my favorite colors are purple and orange.

I hate cats, but bring your AR and dedication when you come for mine.

The same for me.
My cats run free as do I.

My favorite critter guys are those after the hurricane when floods came and helicopters came.
Get on board and save yourself.
This is the government talking, we know best.

Many declined.

I would never leave mine.
We would find another path.


12-11-2014, 01:03 PM
Daughter's long time white/brownish spotted "little" siamese mixed cat has gone missing (done this before as she too roams anywhere she wants). She (lately) had a "reverse" eating disorder in that she was having trouble digesting her food and thus was always hungry and meowing to be fed but skinny as a rail. We treated this and she was gaining back weight and getting better, but it's likely she just went off somewhere to die (like old cats tend to do...and I think that's very "neat" and SO much better than having to have someone else like a vet do that deed for them...). She came to us ~10 years ago as a near kitty and would burrow under many layers of towels and blankets to keep warm/safe that we put on the back yard window ledge/shelf that she called home that 1st winter that we got to know her. Of course my daughter quickly adopted her and her home became my daughter's bedroom (but I cut an "access" hole in the upstairs library window screen so Meow-Meow could come and go as she pleased. We do also have coyotes but I've always felt keeping pets indoors is MUCH worse (and will also kill them) then the odds of them being killed outside. Meow-Meow is/was a ferrous little mama cat fighter and I personally saw her chase out of our backyard several male cats twice her size. I loved her for that alone..
We have "lost cat" posters to put up but I fear/believe that she is now in cat heaven.


12-11-2014, 03:31 PM
I hate cats, but bring your AR and dedication when you come for mine.



Pet owner's creed:

To you, they may look like just an animal.

But to me, they are furry little family members with four legs.

We are just one extended pack / pride.

You hurt one of us.... ALL of us WILL attack you!

12-11-2014, 04:29 PM
Don't like cats......never had one......the future is not too promising either........... (they kill birds, carry diseases, etc.).....but if you have one; that's your choice.......

12-11-2014, 10:17 PM
AMAZINGLY (border line "Christmas miracle"...) the "lost cat" flyers WORKED! Melissa and I blanketed the immediate neighborhood's mail boxes with a flyer with Meow-Meow's picture and lo and behold about 3 hours later she get's the call from one of our "over the wall" neighbors (and elderly couple...) who had seen the cat before but this time they were "concerned" about how she looked and took her to their vet and had blood work, antibiotics, etc. done. Guess it's time to get her a collar and chipped... Also lucky in that I was running low on flyers so was only hitting every other house: luckily (or something..), the house where Meow-Meow was being "held" was one of the every other houses that I put a flyer into the mailbox! Otherwise, we'd still be wondering what happened to our friggin cat! :unconscious: We offered a reward, but in this case that will just mean we'll re-imburse them for the vet work...

Chuck Farley
12-12-2014, 10:51 AM
I'm glad to hear your good news. I've lost two cats, and unfortunately, mine never showed back up. I keep close tabs on the one I have now.

12-12-2014, 05:46 PM
Glad you got her back.

02-16-2017, 04:12 PM
Every night at dusk I go out and bring in my cats. Everynight!!!
Two are easy as they stay close, but Percy believes everything for miles around is his kingdom. He has no fear, but I fear for him - coyotes and foxes and owls and everything:hopelessness:.
Most nights I am walking the road whistling and hunting. He comes to my whistle - if he feels like it:tiger:.

I have looked at cat trackers over the years, but all are too big for a cat. This month I saw this and bought it:

I put it on him now around 4 each day, and it has been a help. The range is not too good, maybe 50-75 foot, but that is a big help in the bushes.
Soon maybe a better one will come out.