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09-29-2014, 05:15 PM
The weather is getting cooler as October nears. We have had a week a little cooler than normal (75), and today it is rainy, but not raining. Today Rosey has been hunting the yard and howling at scents just as she did as a pup:courage:. Her nose is magic, it really is. Spend time with a beagle and be amazed. I can go to the kitchen and get fruit and no big deal. If I open the peanut jar, she knows and will come out of a deep sleep for her "cut".

This is going to be a great Winter.

This Summer has been stress to Rosey. She developed cancer a couple years back, but she don't know it. I keep feeding her the immune things Ed recommended ($35 a month) and the vet gives her pills that cost much more. The result is that she is doing OK:triumphant:. I had to give up on fishing as it is too hot for her, but soon we will be back out on the lake. Rosey loves the boat. The Bride has been happy as I now keep the house cold for Rosey, and the Bride likes likes it cold. I have to wear gloves and a scarf to watch TV at night:nevreness:.

Part of her Summer heat problem has been she is fat (and old)(I mean Rosey). I have trouble not giving her too many treats. When you are on death's door, you deserve to have some fun. Rosey has the appetite of a herd of hippos:biggrin-new:. Right now she is below looking for any peanut the birds may have dropped.

Lumps are swollen around her throat, and I guess that hurts her breathing some. Overall, she is still amazing. She is amazing.

If you spend all day everyday with a Beagle, soon yall become equal and are able to communicate:semi-twins:. Unlike people, Beagles are honest to a fault and have no agenda. We are almost telepathic. Well she is. She knows my every thought, and if I want her to do something - no way in hell:hopelessness:. She has trained her self. She has rights. She believes we have a critter pack (2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 humans) and she is the ALPHA. I paid the $$ for this house and 2 acres, but she controls it now. She does a good job. Nothing escapes her attention. She saves me $10K a year just on security. We can be watching TV, and if her head goes up, you can bet your ass something is afoot.

Today in the cool weather, she has been full speed hunting and howling in the yard.
Every critter that moved last night, she knows.

We are eager for Winter, and that is not like me.


09-29-2014, 06:07 PM
God bless Rosey! Nothing like a beagle. Keep up the good work with her Bill.

09-29-2014, 06:22 PM
Happy to hear the encouraging/good news about Rosey, Bill! They most definitely become family...

Yeah, Apollo can ID Melissa's ~BF (whom Apollo adores...go figure! :miserable:) from INSIDE our bedroom late at night just as he's walking up the sidewalk (downstairs and through closed front door..). Then he goes nuts when he hears him talking (softly) outside our closed bedroom door as he tries not to disturb us! They seem to have a 6th sense and just unreal sense of hearing/smell (I bet if we had a dog's hearing we'd orgasm every time we listened to our great systems...:excitement:). That's why I love dogs and try and treat them as equals as well as much as practically possible: they might not have opposing thumbs nor a spoken language (overrated...), but damn, they are cool creatures... Long may they both run!

TNRabbit R.I.P.
09-30-2014, 09:52 AM
Glad to hear Rosey is AMAZING~

She DOES look well-fed!