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07-09-2014, 04:08 PM

I lost a friend the other week.

We had two cats in the house and they divided my wife and myself up between them.

The smaller cat with the white bib in the picture claimed my wife. Even though I am here all day she pretty much ignores me. But is always watching out the front window waiting for the wife to come home for lunch or from work. Then she rushes to the backdoor to greet her.

The other larger one lived up to her name of Shadow. She followed ME everywhere.
I couldn't put a number on the amount of times I fussed that if she didn't stay out from under my feet she would end up killing us both.
She lay on the bed and watched TV with me.
I kept a folded beach towel by my computer for her to lay on as she napped while I wasted countless hours on the internet.
She was a good companion that always cheered me up and I will miss her deeply for a long time

She started to lose weight, and I took her to the vet. They did test and gave her some shots. She perked up, but lost more weight. Back to vet, blood work, shots, Amoxicillin to give her at home. Still losing weight, more test finds what I already know, cancer. She just grew weaker and weaker and passed away peacefully at home.

Every time I lose a pet I swear I will never have another, as the inevitable day of losing them hurts so bad.
But somehow one always just seems to adopt me. I don't go looking for them they just turn up and move in.

07-09-2014, 05:07 PM
Sorry about your cat. I would give you one of mine, but I could not bear it.
It makes me very sad to read your post.

Like yours, mine have very different personalities. They both are avid hunters and come and go as they please. The yard belongs to them. I bring them in at dark.

Percy is the big male.


He follows me around the yard, loves to hunt in the ponds, off the dock and in my aquarium. He watches TV beside me in the evening and sleeps on my feet in the bed. He believes he is in charge of me, and maybe he is:highly_amused:. He is unflappable, believes he is the top dog inside or out.

Prancy is a female about half his weight. She helps me eat. She is the more loving one and demands a lot of petting. She is better at catching my critters than the male as she is slim and very quick.
She has deadly green eyes and I believe she is slightly insane. Inside she walks all over me, but outside I am not allowed to touch her. She hates my Beagle. She demands and I respond.


Inside at night they race around over the furniture and it often sounds like they are killing each other, but they just '"play fight" and are great friends. They cannot be ignored. They are both very vocal and come get me when they want anything.
I did not want them when they arrived, but now would hate to loose them.

Sorry for your loss.

07-09-2014, 08:24 PM
Sorry to hear about your friend. It's never easy to lose a loved one, regardless the number of legs. Like you, every time one passes, I swear I'll never go through that again, but I do...again and again. My heart goes out to you.

TNRabbit R.I.P.
07-09-2014, 10:14 PM
Sorry for your loss.....the world would truly be a sadder place without our 4-legged friends....

07-09-2014, 11:02 PM
Cats are so different from dogs (e.g.), but they both give love freely to whoever needs it. Our cat (but mostly my daughter's cat) wasted down by 3 lbs to near skin and bones. Same deal: vet said it's either cancer or just something wrong with digestive system and he gave us some digestive enzyme stuff that we've been mixing with her food and it's been helping. She seems to be meowing less and eating less (a good thing because that means the enzymes are helping and she's at least not starving to death as quickly...or hopefully not at all...). Like AO's female cat, Meow-Meow is smallish but a fierce and tenacious spitfire who I've seen with my own eyes man handle and chase male cats from our backyard 2x her size. Hope all this cat babble helps at least a little to help you cope with your 4 legged brand of grief, T (which is barely any less than the 2 legged kind.....I THINK the two legged kind just lasts longer is about all and both kinds are very painful....).

Cats are cool and more independent then dogs, but that's part of what makes them special creatures. Can only take comfort that her cat spirit is now free and happy. Sorry for your loss, T...