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04-30-2014, 12:54 PM
There are a few types of Weather Stations. I use DAVIS as do most of the weather stations on Wunderground.
They come with different features and add-ons, like one to measure ground temp for planting.
They send a wireless signal to a console at your home. It is a strong signal (a relay is also available), much better than WiFi. The console collects and displays data on the console screen.

2708 Mine sits outside by my porch chair hooked to my computer. You can get extra ones, even your neighbor could get one and hook it to your station. It has a lot of info.

The console can also be connected to the internet through your computer and will upload to your website as often as you tell it too, I use every 2 minutes. I started in DEC 2009 (Christmas present from Rosey).
You don't need a website, you can register your site at Wunderground and upload there. Your computer and the Wunderground site will keep a searchable archive of your data.:love-struck:

Here is mine:



The thing is solar powered and works near perfect. If you scroll to the bottom of a Wundegrground station page, you can see stations nearby and the data should fall in a similar range if the station is accurate and installed properly.
Here is mine:

Since my station is on an open lake with a flat view for a mile, it differs more especially as to wind speed. Also being in the foothills, elevation change is rapid to some nearby stations.

Toad is here and the differences will be less.

I you want to go on line you need the DAVIS weatherlink and the computer software. You don't have to go online as the console has all you need.

http://WeatherLink USB Software http://www.amazon.com/Davis-Instruments-WeatherLink-USB-Software/dp/B001AMKC14/ref=sr_1_3/188-8958568-0893506?ie=UTF8&qid=1398873904&sr=8-3&keywords=davis+weather+stations

DAVIS is not part of Wunderground and also has an online service if you don't want to use Wunderground, and there are others.
Wunderground is versatile, and I recommend it. It is free or the upgrade is just $10 a year.


Some of us have our own website, here is mine:

Most don't have a separate website, but some are very elaborate with webcams and advertising as for a town, lodge, etc. Most anything can be done there.

Anyone who gets into this hobby just contact me. It can be tricky at first, but can be done by us all.

04-30-2014, 10:47 PM
I would be too addicted and never get anything done. I simply watch the Weather channel, listen for my connections to chime in on FB, one of which is Emergency management big shot and a few other lower level emergency management people - and then worry about those I know in the areas affected. Bad enough I have a scanner for local 911 - I'd be overloaded. But maybe when I retire

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SC wrote "Bad enough I have a scanner for local 911 - I'd be overloaded. But maybe when I retire"

I want one!!

07-05-2014, 02:12 PM
SC wrote "Bad enough I have a scanner for local 911 - I'd be overloaded. But maybe when I retire"

I want one!!

They are addictive - but I did listen to my son get pulled over for speeding - which was interesting.