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04-11-2014, 05:31 PM
No not Veteran's Month (but I am one):cocksure:.

This is the month all the moochers at my house are visiting the veterinarian.
I have no health insurance for them.:black_eyed:

Tubby my small half-cat/half-dog went first. She was abandoned as a young dog. She is impossibly friendly to everything and every stranger.
She is a sweet heart about ten years old. She has a heart problem now and takes a few pills each day. No problem, she is a ball of fire, can run like the wind on her short legs. Vet says she is doing OK, changed her meds some and charged $250. She needs to loose weight (nothing new there)
I told him it would be cheaper for me to just buy a new dog each year.


Next was Prancy, my female cat who is a small psychopath. She is about 3. Excellent health -> $100. She showed up at my door with her boyfriend a couple years back and has cost me a fortune. In the house she is all over me and sweet, but I am not allowed to touch her in the yard.:numbness:


Today, Rosey, my Beagle went in who is about ten. The first week she was here, she was just skin stretched over bone, it was so sad. The vet bill was over $1k as she had heart worms. About a year ago, cancer showed up. It is the kind where lumps show under the fur. It has spread some and the lumps have grown, but she remains fine. Maybe it is the pills Ed told me about (thanks Ed). The vet says her blood work is perfect, much better than before. She has had no meds, but he gave her some, plus some ear med for an ingrown hair. $250 and that is a bargain. Rosey and I are not two critters but one:semi-twins:. She keeps a close watch on me all day every day. She is more like a short person than a dog.


Next in is Percy the big male cat who arrived with Prancy. He is doing great, just needs his shots, so guessing another $100. Percy believes he is in charge of this part of the woods and it might be true. Last Sat the bell rang, and it was a neighbor who had never been to my home in the dozen years I have lived here. She was playing badminton with her niece and Percy grabbed their birdie and ran off with it. He brought it straight home to me like he does with critters he catches:excitement:. Percy see me as a big slow cat:gorilla:.
I gave her back the birdie, and a couple pints of my wine to soothe things over. I hate he roams, but he is a free cat. I have made sure all know he is mine and that all hell will fall on any who harm him. I bring him in every night, and he watches TV with Rosey and me on the sofa. I am afraid of coyotes.